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Get all the forms you need to register your child right here! A new form will need to be completed for each child of your household. Forms can be submitted in the front office and registration and schedules will be confirmed with you prior to your child beginning classes. Thank you for your interest in Harpeth Gymnastics!

Downloadable Forms

Fall/Spring 2017-2018 Schedule

Click to view Fall 2017/Spring 2018 schedule

 2017 Summer Schedule

Click to view Summer Schedule-2017

Parents Night Out/ Event Registration

Click to view Event Registration 2017-18

Gymnastics Registration Packet

Click to view Gymnastics Enrollment Packet

Boy’s Team Registration Packet

Click to view Boy’s Team Enrollment Agreement 2017

Kidtastic Special Needs Registration

Click to view Kidtastic Enrollment Forms

Kidtastics Special Needs Re-enrollment

Click to view Kidtastics Re-Enrollment Forms

Private Lessons Registration

Click to view Private Lesson Registration 2016

 Birthday Party Forms

Click to view Birthday Party Form

Summer Camp Registration

Click to view  Summer-camp-registration-form 2017

Summer Camp Drop In Form

Click to view Summer-camp-drop-in-form

Summer Gymnastics Re-Enrollment

Click to view Summer Re-enrollment Form 2017

Summer Swimming Forms

Click to view 2017 Swim Registration Form

Event Waiver

Click to view Event Waiver

Winter Camp Registration Form

Click to view Winter Camp Flyer

Trial Class Form

Click to view Trial Class Form